Club Indoor Knockout 2021/2022

For our members this year we are again having an indoor knockout throughout the indoor season.

Based on handicap system allowances (Score plus handicap allowance) archers will shoot 2 1/2 dozen arrows on a Portsmouth face, 2 1/2 dozen score doubled to give equivalent Portsmouth round score.

The best score of qualifying period of each leg will be used (Scores not eligible for handicap improvement) (If 2  1/2 dozen not shot I will take the first 2 1/2 dozen for best Portsmouth in qualifying period of each leg)

Each leg must be shot even if you have a bye otherwise it will be considered as not scoring

Once KO’d from the competition there will be no need to submit any further 2 1/2 scores as they do not count for anything else and will not be recorded

Starting discipline i.e. Compound, Recurve, Barebow, Longbow, must be shot throughout the competition. no changing from one bow type to another is permitted.

If you have any questions on the above please ask Terry at any of the club sessions who will answer all your questions.

Fourth Round Details HERE