Field Archery


If anyone wants to try out field archery they can do so at Birch Farm, Stable Lane ,Mouldsworth, Cheshire, CH3 8AN.
Please contact Joyce Harrison if you are interested to ensure that she is there to arrange times when she and the field are that she can give you information about safety procedures on the site.

Her email address is Tel 0151 336 4320
Cost £3 a visit or £26 for the whole year

The CCB field course is at the bottom of STABLE LANE MOULDSWORTH  CH3 8AN. Go through the gate down the track and meet in the car park area in front of the toilet block (green building)

This happens every Thursday evening 6pm in the summer and on some Sundays (see Summer Programme) but please advise Joyce Harrison as above if you intend going as it is on farm land. You could just shoot at one target at a set distance if you wanted extra practice.
In 2019 we will not be holding the Cheshire Field Archery Tournament but hope to be back hosting the competition in 2019.
Field Archery Information Guide. 

In field archery the archer moves around a course to shoot at target faces of varying sizes and at varying distances. Stable stance and posture and alignment to target are very important

You need to make sure your equipment is tuned and arrows match your bow just as you would for target archery, Don’t just use any old unmatched arrows because then you will not shoot well and arrows will go missing.

Whether shooting on the flat, shooting up or down hill, the bow must be drawn up with  the arrow/sight  on the target. This is for  SAFETY.T draw alignment is important and then pivot body at the hips to maintain the straight draw force line.

The Triangle setup is important otherwise the draw length is foreshortened  and  you are unable to to come through the clicker . ( see below example. )

The archer shoots from a peg – Red (compounds and recurves with sights) or blue (bows without sights) . There can also be white pegs for for juniors U12

The distances shot

Bows with sights 10m-60m

Bows without sights 5m-50m

Rounds comprise of 24 targets.

There are rounds where the pegs in the ground you shoot from ,have distances marked on them. These are called Marked rounds. Rounds where the pegs are not marked with a distance  are called Unmarked rounds.

In an unmarked round  you need to have an idea of the face type and size  in order to have an idea of the distance the peg might be at.

Depending on the poundage of the bow uphill/downhill shots may act as if the distance you are shooting is slightly less but if it is a particularly steep angle you may need to add on (geometry)

Compounds have a high poundage  and a flatter trajectory so they vary less.

Field Archery faces & distances

  • 80 cm face .In an unmarked round  the distances of the red peg ranges from   35-55metres. In a marked round the red peg distances are set at 50,55 or 60m. In an Unmarked round the blue peg distances range from 30-45metres and in a  marked round they are set at 40,45 or 50metres
  • 60cm face. In an unmarked round distances of the red peg range from 20-35m. In a marked round they are set at  35,40 or 45m. In an Unmarked round the blue peg ranges from 15-30m and in a marked  round they are set at 25,30 or 35m
  • 4 spot face (40cm). In an unmarked  round distances for the red peg range from 15-25m, In the marked round  they are set  at 20,25 or 30m. In an Unmarked round the blue peg  ranges from 10-20m, In a marked round they are set at 10,15 or 20m
  • Bunny face ( 20cm) unmarked distances red peg  range from 10-15m, marked peg are set at 10,15 or 20m. Unmarked blue peg range from 5-10m, marked  set at 5,10, or 5m








Faces – 3 arrows are always shot at a target. There are usually 4 people to a target Shooting bunny faces 1st detail left hand peg shoots column 1, right hand peg shoots column 3, 2nd detail left 2nd column, right 4th column faces can be shot in any order, but if 2 arrows are in the same face, lowest score counts. Shooting wrong column arrows are discounted.

Shooting 4 spots 1st detail shoots 3 arrows in top 2 faces  and 2nd detail 3 arrows in bottom  2 faces. Again left hand peg archers shoot at the left hand faces and the right hand peg archers shoot at the right hand side faces

Registration  score cards, double scoring

Assembly and take out to targets.

Shooting in groups of 3 or 4, all start together on whistle, shoot and score, walk to next target until 24 have been shot

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