For Sale

Below are items of equipment for sale by club members.

If you would like to place any item for sale below please email details to


For Sale

7 x  26″  1816 ‘Easton XX75 Platinum Plus  ‘ Aluminium arrows ( cost new £56 asking price  £30)

ILS  Strike limbs 68″ 36lb (cost new £59 asking price £28)

ILS Samwha limbs 68″ 36lb (cost new £59 asking price £28)

Please contact  –

For Sale

12 x Cartel Expert Compound Arrows – 27 3/8″ from nock groove to point end – Fully fitted.  ( Cost £170 Asking Price £60.00 )

Contact Andy Pollitt –


Bows for sale

A: Jerry Hill American Longbow 55lb @ 28”” 69” bow

Lovely example of a Hill style longbow. Very quick and in nice condition


B: Adey Hayes Longbow 55lb @ 27”   72½“ bow

Primarily used as a target bow. Point of aim below gold at 100yds with standard 5/16 shafts and 100gn points. Probably Ipe and Pau Amarello.


C: Bickerstaffe Longbow 56lb @28”  74” bow

Classic custom bow – osage, greenheart and single growth ring of hickory. Shows a set very quickly but doesn’t seem to affect performance. Bends through the hand and works best as a field bow.


D: Adey Hayes: 60lbs @28”  75” bow

Custom made for Bryan Rosenberg – his name is still faintly on it!! Cracking cast out of this bow – I have sent a 5/16” pine shaft with 100gn point well over 250yds with this bow. Could be good for clout?


E: Adey Hayes: 40lbs @27” 71” bow

Standard fare from Adey – quick little bow mainly used by Eve. Probably Ipe and Pau Amarello.


F: Richard Head 35lbs @ 26”  69” bow

Quite an old bow that I picked up along the way – have only shot it in the garage but found it surprisingly quick.


G: Adey Hayes 47lbs @ 28” 69” bow

Probably Ipe and Pau Amarello – mainly used as an indoor bow.


I: KAP Winstar 68” Recurve 40lb @28”

Includes stabilisers, pressure buttons, spare rests and strings. AGF Top sight.

Plus 22 ACC 3L-18 arrows 29” – 10 with small shield fletching and 12 with larger parabolic fletching

Plus Cartel hard case (bit scruffy and seen a lot of tournaments)  £250 ono

 I am parting with these reluctantly, but they need shooting and my shoulder just isn’t up to it. Reasonable offers welcome

Dave Peters email:  Or text 07933 905776