New monthly update and a message from our Chairman.


Monthly Update – May 2022 


Introduction from the Chairman

Welcome to this first edition of our club’s new Monthly Bulletin. We hope you all find it interesting and informative. Thank you to Ian Burton for the initial idea and taking the lead on the project. As Ian is active in several areas, he will be supported by Peter Wright.

If there is something you would like to see in future editions, please do let Ian or Peter know. Ultimately, it’s your update and your club.

It has been encouraging to see so many archers shooting during the first couple of months of the outdoor season, both new and old members alike. For our new members, I hope you are coming to terms with the subtle differences that shooting outdoors requires. For old time members (like me 😊), I hope this season reminds you of what archery used to be like pre-covid…… I’m sure 12 dozen arrows is harder than it used to be.

One key message from me for our newer members is, please never be afraid to integrate with more experienced members within the club. I know doing this may seem daunting, but this is how you push yourself into doing new/further distances and rounds. I remember over 15 years ago, when I joined the club, I was concerned about speaking to the “pros”, but ultimately it was an important part of my progression within archery.

Please also remember that there is a good network of help and support within the club to allow you to progress within archery. We have a lot of Coaches within the club along with progress badges (such as the 252 badge scheme) to allow you to track your progress. Please never be afraid to push yourself or ask for help where you want it.

All the best for the forthcoming month of shooting. Let’s hope the weather continues to be on our side.

John W


252 Awards    

To learn more about the 252-award scheme, please follow this link 252 AWARDS.  Here you will find a detailed overview and scores required by each discipline.

A total of 16 badges have been awarded since the start of the season. Congratulations to everyone.


Alan H                         40 & 50 yards                      Gents Junior Compound

Louie D                        20, 30, 40 & 50 yards        Junior Gents Recurve

Meredith B                  30 yards                               Junior Ladies Recurve

Nathan S                      20 yards                              Junior Gents Recurve

Seth C                          20 & 30 yards                     Junior Gents Recurve


Chris Carey                  20 & 30 yards                            Recurve

Claudia Calderia         20, 30, 40 & 50 yards              Barebow


Six Gold Ends

A six-gold end is claimed for seniors and juniors who shoot six arrows, one after another, into the gold during one end with a recurve or compound during a scored round. The minimum distance varies by category.

Howard Postlethwaite achieved his six-gold end award shooting at 70m during a WA70 round, and Allan H earned his six-gold end award shooting at 40m during a Metric 3 round.

Congratulations to both. I know archers that have shot for many years and never achieved this award.

Competition News

 Shooting at the club is great fun, but shooting at events across the county and country opens up a new archery experience. It brings the chance to meet new people, shoot in new places, win awards (not available at the club days) and experience a competitive environment.

They are open to all ability levels, with various rounds shot at different distances. I would encourage you to try one.

For more information, just ask other members or the people mentioned In this update.

Congratulations to Meredith B, who shot in the well-named, Long Mynd Junior “Blow away the Cobwebs” 30m Double metric, placing 1st in the u12 Junior category, also securing records at club and county level for both the single and double.

At the County Trials Fita 1440, held at Knutsford, Ian Burton placed 2nd, and Jacci Alexander took 3rd in recurve, with Derek Whittingham taking a respectable 6th place in the compound category.

At the North Cheshire Bowmen Double WA720, Carol Bladen, Jacci Alexander and Ian Burton all did well, with Jacci taking 3rd place in the ladies recurve, Ian coming in 4th gents recurve with a personal best and club record; Carol also set a club record in Ladies compound.


Support the club with Easy Fundraising 

An easy way to raise funds for Cheshire County Bowmen whilst doing your online shopping. Free to sign up, and the retailers make donations when purchasing items. Since starting this in 2020, we have nearly raised £1000 for the club, which is fantastic! Thanks to all members, friends and businesses who have taken the time to do their online shopping via easyfundraising to halp raise this tremendous amount.

If you are an individual or a business that purchases online head over to the website to register and install the new feature that allows you to be notified if a retailer you are using offers a contribution, so you never miss a donation.



Coaching plays a critical part in the search for higher scores and improved consistency.

Please remember that the club coaches are available on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (weather permitting!).

The beginners’ course is vital to keeping the club growing and thriving.

The next course is planned for October 2022, and we currently have 12 people already interested.

There are a few things we call all do to support the club and the course.

  • Tell your friends and family about archery and see if they are interested.
  • Volunteer to help. You do not need to be a coach, and it’s fun.
  • Become a coach. If this interests you, please contact Fiona or Carol.


Financial update
A solid start to the financial year with members paying annual and summer fees. This income gives us an excellent base to support the ongoing expenditure during the summer months.