• Cheshire County Bowmen Archery Club
  • Cheshire County Sports Club, Plas Newton lane, Chester

Founded in 1966 by the late Evelyn Donaldson and her husband Jim when they had to move from Overton Archery Club in North Wales. Both Evelyn and Jim had been in archery for a number of years, and Evelyn rose to become the Ladies Champion Archer of Wales. The Club at that time was known as Cheshire County Officers Archery Club, based at Newton Lane.

Membership gradually grew and in 1976 the Club changed its name to Cheshire County Bowmen. The then club badge was the result of a competition in 1976. It comprises the Cheshire Sheef, the CCB Logo and Queen Margarets Swan.

Queen Margaret of Anjou, consort to Henry VI, who, unlike Henry, managed to escape capture from Richard, Duke of York, visited Chester in 1455 during the War of The Roses canvassing support for the Lancastrian cause.

When Cheshire Bowmen fought, particularly at the Battle of Bloreheath, those who supported the Lancastrians wore the silver white swan badge of the queen.