Monthly Update – October /Nov 2022

A big Thank you.
I am starting with a thank you to everyone who helped on the beginner’s course. Volunteers are the backbone of the club and are very much appreciated. The next chance to help is the
Chester Indoor event taking place on the 4 th and 5 th of February.

Another way to support the club is with a prize donation for the Tombola that we run at the Indoors event to raise money for the club. Regardless of size, shape, or value, we are happy
to repurpose that Xmas gift that wasn’t quite for you, the piece of archery equipment that is still in the packaging and the bottle of booze you will never open. All donations are welcome.
Please bring them to a club session or pass them directly to Ian Burton.

Finally, a huge thank you goes to Clickers Archery, who have kindly agreed to sponsor the Chester Indoor event.

Winter Leagues / Completions.
The “don’t miss” event of the winter season – The Pudding shoot – Sunday 18th December.

Indoor Handicap rounds are Portsmouth, Bray 1, FITA 18 and a Worcester.

The Cheshire winter league has started. It’s a Bray 1 (2 1/2 doz at twenty yes on a 40cm face), all based on handicap.

Also, the Knockout has been posted on the website (2 1/12 doz twenty yds on a Portsmouth face). You can submit the first half of a Portsmouth, and please mark the scoresheet clearly
with the total. It is worth noting that this competition is based on handicaps, so the chances of winning are open to all.

The Grand Prix is also running (a Portsmouth round, points for raw score and any other round points based on handicap).

The BA Portsmouth is being shot on the following dates, 13/11, 11/12, 8/1, 109/2 and 12/3.

Celebrating success
In competition news
The first weekend in December saw the Indoor Nationals taking place at Stoneleigh Park, CCB. Ian B, Derek W, Allan H and Meredith B took part. Meredith placed 2 nd , taking the silver medal in the U12 Junior Lady Recurve. Allan H finished 1 st , making him National Champion in his age group. He has also attracted the attention of sponsors, and he will be shooting for the Clicker Pro staff team in 2023
Join me in congratulating both of these young archers on an excellent 2023.









Ian and Meredith B shot at the Gronant Double WA18, with Ian placing 2 nd in the Gents recurve and Meredith continuing her outstanding season with 1 st place in the Junior Lady’s
recurve.  Both pictured below with other Cheshire club members who all picked up medals in various categories.









At the NCAS Indoor Championships, CCB was well represented.

Meredith B 1 st Jnr Ladys Recurve U12 Club record / PB 
Allan H 1 st Jnr Gents Compound U14
Claudia Caldeira 3 rd Ladies Barebow
Derek Whittingham 3 rd Gents Compound. 


John W, Ian B, Chris W and Alex K also shot, giving CCB a good show of archers for the tournament. 

As we have mentioned before, competitions are a tremendous amount of fun and provide a different archery experience. If you are tempted, please talk to any of the people we regularly mention, the coaches or committee members. Why not consider dipping your toe in the water at the Chester Indoor on the 4 th /  5 th of February? The entry forms are available on the website.


Other notable achievements
In a new feature, please tell us when you shoot a PB you are proud of, hit a training milestone or break a score threshold. We want to help you celebrate. Our first honourable mention is.
Jack Preece shooting a Barebow score of 503 on a Portsmouth round.. Excellent shooting Jack and a great reward for the training efforts you put in. 

AGB Progeress badges.
If you enjoyed collecting the 252 badges, there is an indoor alternative—the AGB progress Badge earned by shooting three dozen arrows at 60cm and submitting three qualifying
scores. The score sheets are in the storeroom. Fiona is taking the lead on these awards. If your submission is part of a round, please hand your score sheet to Terry and email Fiona the Progress badge score. If it is a stand-alone Progress round, please give/ hand the score sheet direct to Fiona.

For more information, visit LINK

The Indoor Season – Winter shooting
We are now back in the hall, Wednesday 8 pm to 10 pm with full hall, Friday 8 pm to 10 pm using half the hall and Sunday 10 am to 1 pm again with the entire hall being used.


Remember, on the 2 nd Wednesday of the month, with the fantastic and talented Carol.

Above all else have a safe and fantastic Chritsmas period 

Peter W.