• Cheshire County Bowmen Archery Club
  • Cheshire County Sports Club, Plas Newton lane, Chester

Indoor Season internal competitions explained.

All shooting members will be randomly drawn to shoot against each other. The shoot will be run on a handicap basis to give all archers equal opportunity.
An archer may shoot the round at any time during the designated period but it must be shot on a recognised shooting day.
The round shot will be the first 2.5 dozen of a Portsmouth round (60cm face at 20 yds.), either shot by itself or as the beginning of a full Portsmouth round. The best such round, shot by an archer
during the designated period will be used. Once you are knocked out you do not need to submit any other 2.5 dozen scores as this is not a recognised round on its own.
The final will be the 1st half of the Portsmouth round shot at the club Championships in March. Any archer not shooting the round will give their opponent a Bye into the next round. The
handicap applied to any archer will be their handicap at the time the round is shot. Those archers who have not yet acquired a handicap will be awarded a handicap of 100. This will be adjusted
after each round they shoot. (Indoor handicaps are independent of outdoor handicaps but are calculated in the same way.

Those of you who shot rounds last year will have a handicap already. This can only be improved during the season by shooting a round and obtaining 2 handicap levels lower. The average of this and your running handicap then becomes your new running handicap. At the end of the season your 3 best handicaps will be averaged and this gives you the starting handicap for the following year’s indoor season.

This used to be run by an archery magazine called the British Archer, hence B.A.
The club have entered 2 recurve and 2 compound teams (3 members in each team). Juniors may beincluded if their scores are high enough. The round is a Portsmouth (5 dozen arrows at a 60cm face at 20yds). The club nominates one Sunday each Month (November to March inclusive, to shoot the competition and the top six scores in each discipline make the team for that month. Hopefully we will have enough people shooting for each team. Everyone who shoots on the BA day will gain points towards the CCB Grand Prix (see later)
All archers of a particular discipline must shoot at the same venue at the same time.

CCB has entered one recurve team (3 archers) one Compound team (3 archers) one Longbow team (2 archers) and one barebow team (2 archers)
The round shot is a Bray, 2.5 dozen arrows at a 40cm face at 20 yards.
The round may be shot at any time in the calendar month and the best rounds shot in each discipline make the teams for that month.
An archer may represent the club in more than one bow style. Juniors may be included in a team if their score is high enough.
The results are sent to the organiser each month.
At the end of the season the top teams in each division are awarded medals (enough for all archers who made a team over the season).

This is a series run from November to March inclusive.
It is based on two rounds being shot each month; one will be the Portsmouth BA Postal shoot and will be based on raw scores. The second round can be any round and the results will be based on
improved handicap. 10 points go to the winner, 9 to second etc down to 10th and subsequent positions which are awarded 1 point.
There are 6 categories; Senior Recurve, Junior Recurve, Senior Compound, Junior Compound, Longbow and Barebow. Longbow and barebows get CWL points instead of BA points as there are
no longbow or barebow teams in the BA.
Archers may shoot in more than one category but they will only be able to qualify for BA points in the bow style they choose to shoot on the day of the BA Portsmouth round for that month.